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RF Body Slimming & Tightening Treatment.

RF Body Slimming & Tightening Treatment

$980 | 30 min

The RF slimming and tightening treatment uses high-efficiency radiofrequency technology to quickly output heat energy to the bottom of your skin, focusing energy directly to the epidermis and dermis. Collagen deep beneath your skin is slightly heated and subsequently, muscles instantly contract to achieve skin tightening.


RF treatment also promotes metabolism and blood circulation and stimulates excretion of wastes from the body through the lymph, helps eliminate toxins, and improves cellulite and stretch marks on the arms and legs.

U-ONE HIFU Magic Trimming Treatment.jpeg

U-ONE HIFU Magic Trimming Treatment

$1580 (partial area) | 30 min

U-ONE HIFU (High intensity frequency ultrasound) penetrates deeper dermal layers and generates heat in the focused depth.

 U-ONE HIFU Magic Trimming Treatment uses 15 mm probe to break the subcutaneous fat layer from the upper abdomen, lower abdomen, waist side, buttocks and the back.

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