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Facial Treatment

Deep Cleansing Regulating Treatment.jpeg

Deep Cleansing Regulating Treatment

$880 | 75 min.

The deep cleansing regulating treatment uses the suction function of the vacuum water jet in the Aqua Peel water mill to remove deep skin dirt, thoroughly purify and reduce pores, and instantly remove stubborn blackheads, oils and acne.

Also, the treatment injects high-concentration water essence into your skin, which can effectively strengthen skin cell metabolism and perform the function of deep cleansing, allowing your face glow like baby skin!

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Deep Moisturising Treatment

$1080 | 90 min.

The Deep Moisturising Treatment utilizes instruments to introduce high-concentration hyaluronic acid moisturizing essence deep into the skin. This enhances the moisturizing function and defensive effect of the skin's epidermis. It also helps to repair damaged and dry skin and reduce wrinkles.


Anti-allergy Soothing Moisturizing Treat

Anti-allergy Soothing Moisturizing Treatment

$1080 | 90 min.

The anti-allergic soothing and moisturizing treatment is specially designed for sensitive, extremely dry and problematic skin.

The treatment can fully replenish moisture on dry and sensitive skin. It can also balance the skin's pH value, restore the skin's natural protective layer, and effectively relieve eczema, sensitivity, inflammation and other skin problems.

Suisse Programme Hydro Boost Treatment .jpeg

$2280 | 75 minutes

$2280 | 75 minutes

Suisse Programme Hydro Boost Treatment 

$1680 | 90 min.

Suisse Programme is a pioneer expert in cell activation, with its exclusive patented formula - Biodynamic Cellular Complex (BCC), which enhances skin regeneration and improves skin vitality.


This treatment is dedicated to you with dry skin. It consists of using Suisse’s Platinum Precious Perfecting Collection and its Extreme Moisture Treatment Mask, enabling instant increase in the moisture content of your skin, and restoring the skin elasticity and radiance.

La Colline Anti-wrinkle Rejuvenating Tre

La Colline Anti-wrinkle Rejuvenating Treatment

$1880 | 90 min.

La Colline is a recognized Swiss skincare brand specializing in anti-ageing!


The treatment utilizes La Colline cellular matrix serum coupled with lifting massage, boosting the production of support proteins and effectively act on deep-set wrinkles. Lastly, your face is moisturized with cellular vital mask, enhancing skin glow and softness.

I-Firm 3D Roller Massage Treatment

I-Firm 3D Roller Massage Treatment

$1680 | 90 min.

In the I-Firm 3D Roller Massage Treatment, professional massage technique is combined with I-Firm Bio Regulating Renewal Cream, which uses “40-degree microcirculation heat therapy”for better absorption. Nutrients can quickly penetrate into the skin's subcutaneous tissues and be directly absorbed by cells, reducing wrinkles and achieving skin fullness and firmness.

Magnetic Meridian Treatment.jpeg

Magnetic Meridian Treatment

$1080 | 75 min.

As wearing face masks become an indispensable routine during the pandemic, ladies are troubled with mask-related skin problems, such as inflammation and edema.


In the Magnetic Meridian Treatment, we apply magnetic massagers that contain high intensity magnetic field on your face – it naturally promotes your blood circulation and gets rid of toxicities in the skin. Magnetic massagers dredge channels and stimulate lymphatic circulation, thus relieving edema and enhancing the contour of your face.


LIFTERA-V Remodelling Treatment

$1880 | 75 min.

The non-invasive and painless Liftera-V treatment is the most updated contouring and lifting technology in Korea. Liftera-V applies focused ultrasound to concave ceramic and create thermal coagulative zone.

The treatment effectively lifts and tightens your skin.

RF Collagen Rejuvenation Treatment

RF Collagen Rejuvenation Treatment

 $1580 | 90 min.

Radiofrequency (RF) is a safe skin treatment where low heat energy is directly applied to your skin. Heat reaches underneath your epidermis where most of the collagen and elastin is located. RF therapy stimulates cellular production and helps your body fill in wrinkles and tightens the skin. 

HIFU Tightening Treatment (full face).jp

U-ONE HIFU Tightening Treatment (full face)

$2280 | 75 min.

U-ONE HIFU (High intensity frequency ultrasound) penetrates deeper dermal layers and generates heat in the focused depth (with 1.5mm, 3.0mm and 4.5mm probes). HIFU technology replenishes your skin by stimulating collagen production, reducing wrinkles and fine lines.


Caviar Collagen Nutrition Treatment

$1580 | 90 min.

Caviar Collagen Nutrition Treatment introduces caviar
collagen essence deep into your skin. This intensely promotes
collagen proliferation and repairs skin cells of your skin, which
improves rough and dry skin at once. The treatment highly
moisturizes your skin, continuously replenishes and locks in
water, and eventually tightens your skin. We guarantee the
result is magnificent!

Aroma Relaxing Massage Facial Treatment.png

Aroma Relaxing Massage Facial Treatment

$1580 | 90 min.

Aroma Relaxing Massage Facial Treatment uses aromatherapy products and pink crystal massage sticks to massage the face and neck to achieve a relaxing effect. The pink crystal massage stick is made of pink crystal known as the love stone. Massage on the face using the pink crystal massage stick can help lifting your face contour and promoting blood circulation. Together with the use of moisturizing essence, the pink massage stick moisturizes your skin like magic. The moisturizing effect improves dull skin tone, smooths fine lines, and makes your skin soft and white, with a refreshed feeling.

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