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Body Treatment

Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage.jpeg

Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage

$520 | 45 min.

It's time to take a break and pamper yourself! We are currently featuring manual lymphatic drainage massage, which helps relieving tension and improves circulation throughout the lymphatic system. Perks of our massage include improving circulation and energy, getting rid of puffiness, soothing your mental stress and tension, detoxifying, beauty and improving immune functions.

Aromatherapy Oil Massage.jpeg

Aromatherapy Oil Massage

$520 | 45 min.

Aromatherapy Oil Massage penetrates into your skin through natural essential oils, leaving your skin feeling warm immediately. Acupoint massage also improves blood circulation, accelerate metabolism, and give the whole body a deep soothing and relaxing feeling. It can relieve tension and stress throughout the day, improving insomnia, and make the skin smooth and elastic

Magnetic Body Massage.jpeg

Magnetic Body Massage

$520 | 45 min.

In the Magnetic Body Massage, our masseuse applies magnetic massagers that contain high intensity magnetic field on your face – it naturally promotes your blood circulation and gets rid of toxicities in the skin. Magnetic massagers dredge channels and stimulate lymphatic circulation, thus relieving tension and stress throughout the day.

Thai Traditional Massage

Thai Traditional Massage

$520 | 45 min.

Thai massage helps stimulate the acupuncture points of our body, enhancing blood circulation, and sweeping away tiredness of the day.

Fascia Regimen Treatment.jpeg

Fascia Regimen Treatment

$680 | 45 min.

In Chinese medicine terms, ladies generally have a cold physique, and this may hinder the body's self-healing ability. Therefore, getting rid of coldness is as important as getting rid of toxins!


The Fascia Regimen Treatment utilizes the Yuyang fascia jar combined with traditional Chinese medicine and modern scientific massage techniques. The energy of the fascia jar can penetrate deep into our body to expel moisture and dampness, and achieve the effects of warming the body, reducing dampness, dredging the meridians, and loosening the fascia. Eventually it helps relieving backache and joint pain.

Chinese Acupuncture Detoxification Treat

Chinese Acupuncture Detoxification Treatment

$980 | 45 min.

In Chinese medicine terms, ladies generally have poorer blood circulation, so they may get cold limbs and get exhausted more easily.


The Chinese Acupuncture Detoxification Treatment uses a unique acupoint massage technique to perform acupoint massage on the abdomen. The treatment involves 15 minutes of healthy ginger powder application on the abdomen, which helps regulating blood circulation and improving indigestion.

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